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Zurich Airport Parking

Zurich Airport parking is available in a variety of parking facilities. It is possible to reserve long-term parking spaces by either telephoning the airport on tel +41 (0) 43 816 8600 or by fax on +41 (0) 43 816 8608. The minimum rental for car parks P1 to P3 is 3 months and the cost is CHF 400.00 per month excluding local taxes. It is also possible to reserve by email by visiting the official airport website at http://www.zurich-airport.com.

Multi-storey Zurich Airport parking is available with some 2,000 spaces at P1, P” and P3, all of which are located close to the main airport complex. Other Zurich Airport parking that is within a 5 minute walk from the terminal can be found at P5, where lower parking fees apply also. The multi-storey car park P6 is situated directly next to the airport’s Operations Centre and the Cargo Building.

Low Cost Long-Term Parking at Zurich Airport

Long and short-term parking at Zurich Airport is handled in different locations. At parking facility P60 motorists will find spaces for longer terms and lower rates. The P60 parking facility is situated a 10 minute walk from the main airport building and terminal. Bookings are not required for this open-air car park. The car park is not as secure as the multi-storey, but the facility is suited to accept tall vehicles such as campervans. Another parking facility for tall vehicles can be found at P40.

Motorists who do not wish to walk back to the terminal to catch other forms of public transport, can take the airport bus from bus stop Werft. The bus lines 732, 759 and 768 operate from this stop and leave at 15 minute intervals for the airport’s own bus terminal, which is directly above the Check-in area 3). The main bus terminal offers all connections to central Zurich and beyond.

Short-Term Parking at Zurich Airport

Short-term parking is also available to motorists at convenient pick-up and drop-off areas in front of the arrivals and departure zones. These are located along the access roads and on the check-in 3 level at the multi-storey car park P3, where passengers are allowed to be picked up or dropped off. Outside at the access road the maximum time allowed for parking is 15 minutes and the fee for this is CHF 2.00, but inside P3 the 15 minute maximum stay does not apply, however, the fee is the same.

Motorbikes can be parked at spaces located between P1 and P2 parking facilities and also in front of P3 car park. There is a ramp for easy access and bikers should follow the sign “Ankunft/Arrival” to get to the motorbike parking spaces.

Available Long and Short-term Parking at Zurich Airport

By going online to the official website mentioned above, it is possible to see where parking spaces are still available and what the total capacity is on the day required. It is possible to reduce the cost for long-term parking or for people who are frequent flyers by buying a Long-term Parking Card for CHF 290.00, which is valid for one month. This rate does not include VAT.

As parking cannot be booked in advance – apart from long-term, minimum stay of 3 months parking – motorists need to check the availability online for the parking area they wish to use. There are many ticket machines where payment can be made in either Swiss Francs or Euros using a credit card, Maestro or PostFinance Card.

Tariffs Charged for Zurich Airport Parking

The first 15 minutes of parking at parking facilities P1, P2, P3, P5, P6, P40 and P60 will cost CHF 2.00. A full day will cost CHF 42.00 at P1, P2, P3 and P6, but will reduce to CHF 31.00 for P5 and P40 as well as P60.

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